Interactive examples

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Model: Example: File:
Case Handling WFM casehandling.swf
Order & Shipment WFM ordershipment.swf
Order & Shipment error (1) WFM ordershipment_error1.swf
Order & Shipment error (2) WFM ordershipment_error2.swf
Elevator (1) Petrinet elevator1.swf
Elevator (2) Petrinet elevator2.swf
Elevator (3) Petrinet elevator3.swf
One Traficlight Petrinet trafficlight1.swf
Two Traficlights Petrinet trafficlight2.swf
One Philosopher Petrinet philosopher1.swf
Four Philosophers Petrinet (concept) philosopher4_model.swf
Four Philosophers Petrinet philosopher4.swf
Assembly Petrinet assembly.swf
Two Traficlights Reachability graph trafficlight2_RG.swf
Four Philosophers Reachability graph philosopher4_RG.swf
Two Traficlights Place invariant trafficlight2_PI.swf
Four Philosophers Place invariant philosopher4_PI.swf
Two Traficlights Transition invariant trafficlight2_TI.swf
Four Philosophers Transition invariant philosopher4_TI.swf