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Since 1995 are doing research on workflow management. We are interested in models, methods and tools for the modeling and analysis of workflows. We often use Petri nets as a theoretical basis. Some research topics we have worked on are:

  • Verification of workflows (efficient techniques to find logical errors in a workflow design and guidelines to help the designer in correcting errors).
  • The relation between Business Process Reengineering and workflow management.
  • Improving the performance of a workflow (techniques to semi-automatically improve throughput times and service levels).
  • The relation between logistic concepts and workflow management (e.g. extending the bill-of-material for WFM).
  • Ad-hoc/adaptive  workflow (how to customize a workflow for specific cases).
  • Workflow patterns and new paradigms for modeling and enacting workflows (e.g. proclets).
  • Interorganizational workflows, i.e., workflows such as trade procedures crossing organizational boundaries. 
  • XRL/flower, i.e., an XML-based workflow language whose semantics is expressed in terms of Petri nets.
  • YAWL: Yet Another Workflow Language
  • Workflow Mining (now commonly referred to as process mining): How to discover process models from event logs.
  • Inheritance issues in the context of workflow management.
  • Simulation and gaming of workflows.

The workflow patterns home page is an initiative to build a repository of workflow patterns.




Modern Business Process Automation

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